Meet Dr. Stephanie Nicholson

Dr. Stephanie Nicholson is a Pediatric and Family Chiropractor with a focus on serving in the special needs communities.
She studied and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University College of Chiropractic…

Welcome to Tree Of Life Pediatric And Family Chiropractic

Our children are our future. Families are the basic unit of society. Your family’s health and engaging with building the community is of utmost importance. Here at Tree Of Life Pediatric and Family Chiropractic, we recognize that your family must come first. Indeed, in order to be able to truly help other families and communities, your family must be first in your priorities. We want to help your children and your family to live the healthiest life possible.

More and more parents are now finding the challenges of raising a family with one or more child with special needs. These can range from ADHD, to Autism, to genetic disorders that threaten their ability to develop properly or even threatens their lives. These are major challenges, and many parents lay awake worried about their typical children having danger in our world, how much more those that have more challenges to overcome to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life!

The work that we do with the nervous system crosses the challenges, helping both those who have typical development and those with even extreme special needs. By facilitating the ability for the individual to heal him/herself from the inside out, the brain is able to rewire and optimize, their Genetic expression is able to improve to the best it can be with what they have, including lengthening of the ends of the DNA associated with longevity. These science topics and more will be discussed in the seminars we do called Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders. Please contact us to ask to be on the waiting list for the next seminar.

Promoting a healthy community is very important to us at Tree Of Life Pediatric and Family Chiropractic, for that reason we do free events every month, including our Legos 4 Sensory Friends, and the seminars. Please check out, like and share the Facebook page for more fun and education videos and posts.

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