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Dr. Stephanie has a heart for children, and especially those with autism and other special needs. As a teen she had her first exposure, while babysitting an 8 year old little boy with non- verbal autism. She looked into his beautiful eyes, and he did not… quite… look back into hers… Her heart went out with compassion, and from then on she always loved serving children with autism and other special needs whenever she could, in babysitting, nursery, volunteering ect.

As a young adult she had dreams of serving children with emotional, mental and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and other special needs. In the dreams she was serving them with nervous system care and they were getting healthier, in physiology, adaptability, emotional stability ect. These dreams were not just once or twice, and she knew she needed to investigate and do it.

Dr. Stephanie focuses exclusively on nervous system testing and specific adjustments to unlock potential, especially for the special needs community.

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