Watch the videos below to hear the amazing improvements these parents have seen since bringing their children in for chiropractic care in our practice.

A mother tells of transformation in a little boy with autism. St. Charles, St. Louis, Overland MO

Young man tells of his creation & improved hearing in St

A young man shows his truck that he just wrapped in a water bottle wrapper and then tells of his improved hearing that has come with the improvement of his …

A young man's healing journey begins in St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri

Vincent has had many challenges, including with his eyes, his attention, and his energy levels. Come on the first step of the journey with him, and we will c…

A young man's transformation with care! St. Louis, St. Charles, MO

Vincent has already seen transformations in his care with the correction in his nervous system. Listen to his mother and him tell about it!

Healing journey!

Healing journey!

Anger Issues Dissipate

A mother shares her heart concerning her precious daughter’s improvement in brain/nervous system function and recovery from anger issues.

A Story of Hope and Healing for a little girl with autism

This story of hope and healing, was told right after the first family vacation without distress. To actually have a great, fun time was a transformational experience.

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