Dr. Stephanie Nicholson

Dr. Stephanie Nicholson is a Pediatric and Family Chiropractor with a focus on serving in the special needs communities.

She studied and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University College of Chiropractic.

In becoming a doctor, she wrote a review of the literature concerning the benefits that children with autism receive from chiropractic care.

With the understanding of how difficult it can be to get those with extreme special needs to the office, she does have house calls as an option for a fee.

We love our community and love to serve the community with free fun events and seminars including, Spectrum of Fun, Legos 4 Sensory Friends, and the Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders seminar.

Dr. Stephanie has a heart for children, and especially those with autism and other special needs. As a teen she had her first exposure, while babysitting an 8 year old little boy with non-verbal autism. She looked into his beautiful eyes, and he did not… quite… look back into hers… Her heart went out with compassion, and from then on she always loved serving children with autism and other special needs whenever she could, in babysitting, nursery, volunteering etc.

As a young adult she had dreams of serving children with emotional, mental and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and other special needs. In the dreams she was serving them with nervous system care and they were getting healthier, in physiology, adaptability, emotional stability etc.

These dreams were not just once or twice, and she new she needed to investigate and do it. This launched her into the world of the service based profession of chiropractic to help children and families, especially for those in the special needs community. She has gone on 4 international service trips, 2 to the Dominican and 2 to El Salvador, as well as serving in clinical rotations to the St. Patrick’s Center in the inner city, and the outpatient clinic on the Logan Clinic, she had thus served over one thousand people and seen transformations in people’s lives prior to starting her practice in 2016.

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